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Milly Ng


A Body Rejuvenation Expert

Milly has more than 20 years of clinical experience using Microcurrent to activate different parts of our body to reverse aging, transforming deformed body parts back to normal non surgically, promote healing in astonishing speed.  She is famous of her 10 consecutive days regime.


Lectures to Doctors and Therapists

Milly writes article on South China Morning Post, appeared on TVB interview in Hong Kong and fashion magazine eg. Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Sports magazine eg. Runners' World, Golf Monthly, Soccer'a World etc in UK and she regularly goes to USA to give seminars and lectures to doctors and therapists in Chicago, New York, Arizona, Colorado, San Francisco, Los Angeles and also Taiwan, Beijing and Hong Kong.  She likes traveling so much and hope to do charity work to remote countries giving back to the society to change people's life and  travel more in the years to come.


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Natural Hair Regrowth Expert

Your Hair is your Asset

Do you know how much better you would look if you have a full head of Natural Healthy Hair?

We offer the most Advanced Technology

At Advanced Hair Regrowth Clinic, we target the individual hair follicle by energizing the mitochondria of the cell to boost the growth centre so even area that has been bald for more than 30 years can still have hair growth.  The beauty is result can be seen within 10 days and as we do not use surgery nor medication, hence no complication nor side effect.

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The Great Discovery

How Milly ventured into this Advanced Hair Regrowth Arena


In 2011, my assistant asked if I can help her aunt with a bald patch of 2.5"x3" for 9 years. So this started my first Hair Regrowth trial. It takes 6 weeks of daily stimulation to get some black dots show up.  But then the following week - boom boom boom, more than 100 pcs of hair sprouted up.  You can imagine how excited we can be. 

Even more astonishing results


In Dec 2015, a 55 year old gentleman asked if I can help with his 30 year baldness.  To my surprise, 1/4" of hair sprouted in 30 minutes of Microcurrent stimulation on the same day.    Let me repeat, the Advanced Hair Regrowth technology can make real hair grow within the same day on area that has been bald for 30 years. 

Stop Hair Loss + Start New Hair


There has never been anything of the kind happening in the market.  We are the pioneer. This technology is absolutely risk free and incur no side effect as there is no surgery and no medication involved.  It purely rejuvenates the hair follicle to start work again.  Most important of all, you don't have to wait for months to see the result.

The 10 days Regime with Advanced Hair Regrowth Clinic


It takes only 10 daily sessions of one hour each.  60 - 80% of thinning cases would be able to attain a full head of healthy hair of your  own.  Daily session is mandatory as this compliments our body daily metabolism.  For very bald cases, it might be necessary to have further courses to achieve a more satisfactory result, though we recommend a rest of at least another 10 days to observe the progress

What you should do during the 10 days


  • Sleep well with plenty of rest.  Keep a good mood
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day
  • Eat balanced diet rich in Calcium and Protein and Vitamin C
  • Stay outdoor for at least one hour to let the scalp breathe and absorb sunlight
  • Keep scalp clean from oil and sebum washing the hair everyday

What you should avoid during the 10 days


  • Refrain from Caffeine and Alcohol
  • Do not put oil, cream, brandy or any topical medication.  Scalp has to be absolutely clean to prepare hair shoot up through the pores
  • Do not wear cap or wigs especially those with tight sticky band
  • do not comb hair too vigorously or put undue stress while it is still wet which is most vulnerable 

For Mobile phone viewers, please view the subsequent pictures in the Photo gallery in a group of 4 Before and 4 After...

Amazing Hair Regrowth

Video showing results of patients of different age group,  men and women with different degree of baldness and thinning of hair.  Successful Hair Regrowth in a short period of time by minute electrical stimulation of the hair follicles.

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